Access Control
Advantages of Access Control Models

  • Function as a simple door access control without transaction
         logs storage
  • Low cost solution to control door access
  • Simple installation, without wiring or PC
         connection (Can be installed directly to the existing                                                                door holes of the conventional knob door lock)

Access Control Models
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FingerTec Keylock 8800 is a breakthrough in mechanical door lock design featuring superior attributes absent in other brands available in the market. Keylock 8800 offers fingerprint verification method, password and card system, all in one machine for a very convenient operation process.

Enrollment and management of users are made easy by an LCD screen and simple buttons. There are 3 levels of user available to manage the system effectively. An administrator or a supervisor can do addition, deletion and amendment of user(s) easily at the machine itself. Unlike other mechanical doorlocks, which cannot extract any data stored in the lock, Keylock 8800 is designed to allow data transmission via USB.

As an added security feature, Keylock 8800 comes with double latches; the top is a dual direction latch and the bottom is a stainless steel bar latch, operable only from the inside.
The Easy-to-use, compact design of the FingerTec H2i makes it an excellent choice for Access Control and Time & Attendance. Easily add or delete users with the swipe of a card. Want to download reports? No problem, with the H2i you can choose from three different options how you want to download. For added protection, the H2i also has the ability to connect to an alarm system.

With stylish design and a sleek layout, the H2i is a master terminal able to hold upto 1,500 fingerprint templates as well as 10,000 card templates. The unique screen-less design uses acombination of voice commands and LED lights to communicate to its users while having most of the same features as more costly biometric devices