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Biometric Time Attendance Systems in Australia
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This page was last updated: April 22, 2015

FingerTec TA200Plus/Q2i
Ask Us About Our April 2015 Specials For  TA200+/Q2i, FACEID2, R2 R2ic & Face ID 3 
Kadex RFID
FingerTec FaceID 4d
FingerTec FACEID2
FingerTec’s Q2i is an astounding hi-tech biometric time attendance and door access device with an impressive design. With an exceptional storage capacity and equipped with the latest precision fingerprint scanning algorithm, the Q2i gives you some amazing and convenient features such as work codes and short message display for either personal or public recipients for effective staff communication. The terminals also come with many options and methods for you to sync your terminal to the bundled software, FingerTec’s TCMS V2 for further processing of attendance data to ease report generating and payroll processes.

Are you looking for a biometric time attendance system in Australia so that you can have an effective employee time attendance system.

Are your manual time sheets getting out of hand?  Tired of spending hours adding up your time sheets? Do your employees bundy clock on/off for each other?

Biometric Time Clocks and Biometric Time & Attendance Systems are ‘THE’ new standard to simplify HR and payroll issues. Biometric time clocks are easy to install, simple to manage, and can eliminate labour disputes, automate payroll procedures, eliminate buddy punching, and much more.  In fact most biometric time & attendance systems pay for themselves within one month of active use.

Advantages of Biometric Time Clock

    Require low cost compared to other models
    Come with stylish and contemporary designs
    Easy to install – can be installed on the wall or on the customized flexible stand
    Integrate various verification methods –  facial,  fingerprints, passwords, RFID/ HID/ MIFARE cards
    Support large number of users and have huge transaction storage capacity
    Include useful time attendance features like siren, work codes,  extended user ID and DIY attendance report
    Integrate with various payroll software such as MYOB Payroll, Wage & Easy, Sybiz, Unipay, Attache, 

Why You Should Consider FingerTec?

FingerTec has The Best Algorithm in the Industry
While others resort to only thumbprint and only placement of finger at a certain angle, FingerTec accepts all fingerprints and you can place your finger at any angle during enrolment and registration. During enrollment,place your finger three times on the scanner and you are good to go. Once you have enrolled, you don’t need to enroll again for other machines.Less than 2 seconds verification, what more can you ask for?
Verification at FingerTec products take less than 2 seconds and it’s accurate as ever. Place your finger and your attendance is verified successfully.

Choose Your Models Based on Your Preference
FingerTec offers a vast range of biometrics attendance products that are suitable for your requirements.

Extended Warranty Period of 24 months
While other suppliers are hesitating to provide good warranty, FingerTec gives you more than you bargained for because FingerTec is confident of the quality.

FingerTec Provides Guides Because Our Goal is to Make Things Easy for you
Manuals and Video Guides are available in every package and we also provide support online accessible 24 hours all year round. We even support our end-users by email, Skype and MSN.

Comprehensive Software At Your Disposal At No Additional Costs
FingerTec has probably the best software in the market with various time attendance features for your benefits. Pick and choose features required for your company and with Windows-based software, it’s user-friendly.

FingerTec Software is as flexible as you want it to. FingerTec software caters to all with its flexi schedule. You have overtime, we comply. Shift issues, we solve it for you. Rotational scheduling, it’s available to set.

We have various Reports, which one do you want?
At present, FingerTec software provides 22 reports for you to generate and they are available in printable formats. All reports can be exported into many forms including excel and txt for other purpose such as payroll and human resource management. It takes minutes to manage your reports because it’s so easy with FingerTec software.
Browse your staff attendance as simple as browsing the Internet
To cater to many laymen who are using our products, FingerTec is made easy with simple interface and “point & click” process.
Show the attendance records to your staff and get them to work on their attendance
At the end of every month, print the tardiness report and hand the report to the staff. They will surely strive toperform better to avoid repercussions.

Technical Support Available All Year Round