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Facial Recognition Time Clocks for the Medical Sector in Australia

Every health care organization's duty is first-class patient care. However today labour costs & staff scheduling can add challenge to an increasingly difficult health care environment.

BioAccSys is experienced in working with health care administrators, and physicians, we make recommendations based on the specific needs of your facility.

We have experience with your industry specific software’s such as MYOB Payroll, Attache and Wage Easy, and can offer time clocks & systems with similar platforms for ease of use office personnel, helping you manage the cost of delivering quality care.

The primary expenses for healthcare organizations are salary-related costs, because operating them requires massive man-hours from various positions and job functions. As such, a firm grasp of staffing plans is crucial in managing healthcare organization. Planning nurses’ shifts, for example, is a really intricate task considering the various factors to be taken care of in drawing out feasible schedules to ensure smooth running of the healthcare organizations and their staff’s satisfaction. The experience levels of the nurse, his or her specialties, competencies, turnover and skill mix are amongst factors to be considered when drafting staffi ng plan and shifts scheduling that is fair, effective and unbiased. The fact that the healthcare industry has the largest percentage of part-time workers, 16%, makes staffing plans even more challenging due to the lack of commitment, lack of skill mix and high turnover rate among part-time staffers

What you see listed on our web site is only a small sample of our total product line. If you do not see what you need, or would like friendly, assistance from a factory trained BioAccSys technician, please call us toll free at 1800 783 782.

Wages costs represent the single largest overhead within the health industry. Productivity in all areas is the key to real profitability.  Time and Access systems enable medical and health care companies to monitor and reduce their staff costs on a real time basis; paying particular attention to realizing productivity growth and cost savings. Our systems allow you to:

•Capture Timesheets Accurately: Electronically record the exact start and finish times of all staff, potentially reducing time loss by approximately 15 minutes per staff member per day.

•Automate Payroll: Use electronic timesheet data to automate payroll through your existing systems. This, in turn will save significant administrative time and effort whilst streamlining processes.

•Real Time Departmental and Job Costing: Attribute staff overheads to specific jobs and areas to allow comprehensive job costing and productivity management on a real time basis.

•Intuitive Rostering: Simple, easy to use rostering system that provides historical and forecasted labour costs for manpower planning and budgeting.
For an accurate assessment of how time and Access' systems can save your business time and money contact us

Now with Amazing Fool proof Facial Recognition Time Clocks for Healthcare Industry in Australia

Hygienic, contactless, Facial Recognition devices
Automated calculations of worked hours, over time, leave and break.
Payroll can be integrated to MYOB, MYOB EXO, Wage Easy, Trimicro Aged Care
and other popular payroll software’s
Work evidences and control labour costs.
Eliminate pay disputes and Time Fraud.
Suitable for Multiple shifts & Flexitime.
Option to use Fingerprint, Keypad, Swipe Cards or Facial recognition.
Includes TCMS flexible time management software.
Can also be used to control access to secured areas
Suitable for Hotels, Motels, Clubs, Restaurants and most service oriented organisations

Stop paying your hourly paid employees for time not worked.  Stop paying for timesheet miscalculations.  Install an employee time clock system today with time tracking software that save you hours of labour.
Our time clocks offer the latest in technology at a price that small Aussie businesses can afford.  We can ensure your system is fully tailored to do exactly what you require from it with remote installation, training and support available Australia-wide.
FingerTec gives you these key features
Automatically Assign Overtime*
Capture Job Costing information*
Multi-user interface
Export to CSV, XLS, 
Compatible with MYOB, Wage & Easy,  Epayroll, Unipay Australia,…
Tolerances & Rounding*
Unlimited employee count
Fingerprint, Facial recognition, Proximity cards, keypad
Lifetime Software Upgrades
24 Months  Warrranty

Clients and Testimonials
With more than 20,000 users in 120 countries all over the world FingerTec is simply one of the most flexible, easy to install and cost effective electronic time clocks on the market today.
Administrators and employees appreciate the simple and convenient use, high security and reliability of the FingerTec solution. Constant development keeps the solution up to date and helps us to reach our main goal of satisfied users.

Join many of our happy customers as below :-
Brisbane City Doctors, Auburn Hospital, Q Medical Centre, Marrickville Medical Centre, First Care Medical Centre, Springvale Endoscopy Centre, North West Day Hospital, Brygon Medical Centre
We would not like you to miss this opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our system as enjoyed by many Australian companies.

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