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The FingerTec Q2i is a new device for time attendance and access control. .  Employees can clock on/off for work using either Fingerprint, RFID Proximity Card or Pin Code.  Complete with Windows time recording software, TCMSv2, the Q2i system is a complete Time & Attendance Package.
Keeping an accurate track of employees’ time has always been a challenge for businesses. For years employers have used manual punch cards as a way of keeping track of attendance. These days however, there’s an easier and more accurate solution.

FingerTec Time clocks captures your employees’ clocking times using biometric finger scanners, facial scanners and proximity cards.
Data from FingerTec Ti
me clock can then be imported directly into TCMS software for creating 24 different reports on attendance and rostering.

Our time clocks offer the latest in technology at a price that small Aussie businesses can afford.  We can ensure your system is fully tailored to do exactly what you require from it with remote installation, training and support available Australia-wide including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart and Canberra

Ease of Using FingerTec MYOB Payroll Integration

Employees sign on/off for work using Fingerprint or RFID Proximity Card
Colour Screen to make using the time clock easy.
Complete with Windows TCMSv2 time recording software.
Print, Email or Export your customized timesheet reports.
Integrate with your MYOB Payroll package.
24 months Manufacturers Warranty
Free Web, Email and IM support at
Optional 12 months local Phone, Email and Remote support available.

What does this mean for Australian businesses?  Previously, even with electronic employee time clocks or time recording systems, payroll staff had to manually enter all employee work hours for their hourly paid employees.  With a factory of 100 employees this process could not only take hours each pay period, but is also prone to human error in data entry.

Fingertec have solved this problem by creating an export file that MYOB can accept as a timesheet import.

FingerTec gives you these key features
Automatically Assign Overtime*
Capture Job Costing information*
Multi-user interface
Export to CSV, XLS, 
Compatible with MYOB, Wage & Easy, Attache, Epayroll, MYOB EXO, Unipay Australia,…
Tolerances & Rounding*
Unlimited employee count
Fingerprint, Facial recognition, Proximity cards, keypad
Lifetime Software Upgrades
24 Months  Warrranty

Time Control Management System – V2

TCMSv2 is a single user application. It is compatible with all three levels of clocking devices. Optionally, clients can also utilize TCMSv2 Viewer, which allows authorized employees to check and print (but not modify) attendance data over the internet, from any computer with a web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari) from anywhere in the world.
Clocking devices at remote sites use the business’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) to communicate with the TCMSv2 server. Overall, TCMSv2 coupled with lower end devices still provides a very powerful solution and substantial business benefits at a very reasonable cost.

MYOB EXO Payroll
FingerTec Wage Easy
FingerTec Attache