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Got an OFIS Scanner? Now FingerTec offers an application specially designed to utilize your scanner and login to your Windows account with your fingerprint. Introducing FingerTec OFIS Gateway, simplifying fingerprint integration with your Windows PC.

Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32-bits & 64-bits) and Windows 7 (32-bits & 64-bits), OFIS Gateway features does not only stop at fingerprint login, here are some other functions that the OFIS Gateway can perform:

Screen Saver Fingerprint Security
Similar to your password protection that comes on after resuming from a screen saver, OFIS Gateway allows you to configure this login to use fingerprint instead of password as a login.

File Encryption & Decryption
Secure those highly sensitive and confidential files easily and securely with your fingerprint with the OFIS Gateway.

Web Account Login
Have many online email accounts or web accounts? Configure them in the OFIS Gateway, and never have to use your password again! A simple scan of your finger will suffice.

OFIS Scanner Disconnection Safety
As a safety feature, if anyone tries to disconnect the OFIS scanner to decipher your password instead, your PC can be set to go into a locked-mode, requiring fingerprint verification before continuing.

Enrolling fingerprints is easy with the OFIS Gateway on-screen step-by-step instructions, accompanied with a display of the fingerprint image to guide users for a better verification.
Web Account Setting allows you to configure your web accounts, such as emails, online shopping accounts, and other accounts that require a username and password, to use a fingerprint as a password instead. You can view your web accounts, add web accounts, maintain your web accounts, and export/import your web account data from here.
KEY FEATURES - Fingerprint Enrollment
Web Account Property
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File Encryption
With the OFIS Gateway installed, you have the option to log into Windows with the aid of an OFIS-X or OFIS-Y scanner, using either fingerprint or password.
The OFIS Gateway program not only protects your login accounts with fingerprint, but also lets you encrypt your selected files with fingerprint verification. This is useful especially for confidential documents in the computer.
• IBM compatible PC
• Pentium III 450 MHz or above
• 64MB RAM
• 5MB for client module installation
• Standard mouse and keyboard
• 1 x USB port
• Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32-bit), and Windows 7 (32/64-bit)

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