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  • Free to define clocking time by grouping concept
  • Cover most common working scenario – normal working hours, over night shifts, rotational shifts open shifts, flexi working hours etc.
  • Users do not need to define status during verification, software will automatically allocate the data
  • Grace period for late in, early out etc
  • Over-Time (OT) calculation
  • Deduction of lunch time or dinner time

  • Providing 6 columns to allocate time attendance data; In – Break – Resume – Out – OT – Done
  • Optional to change to; In – Lunch – Resume – Dinner – Resume – Out
  • Calculates Work time, OT time, short time automatically
  • Can edit clocking time, but original is kept as records
  • Can edit work time, OT time and short time, but original is kept as records
  • Attendance data can be exported and used with payroll system, HR system etc.
  • Predefined to arrange the data field and length of field
  • Provides a clear viewing of attendance data (in-out time, work time, OT, late in, early out etc.)
  • 12 types of time attendance reports ready to use
  • Report can save into digital format (DOC, XLS, PDF, JPG etc)

Time Attendance Features
Access Control Features
  • To set terminal to allow users to access into a certain zone for a certain time period only. For example, a store room is allowed to access only from 12:00 to 6:00pm.
  • Grouping concept to ease handling.
  • Only authorized users are uploaded to a terminal so that only these users can verify and open the door.
  • Special for Antipassback function
  • To record time when user come in or leave
  • As soon as a user verifies at the terminal, his/her ID and verification time is shown on the software screen
  • The software allows an easy monitoring of each staff’s movement
  • The users’ photos are displayed on the monitor together with other information
  • 4 access control reports are ready to be used and can be saved into digital format (DOC, XLS, PDF, JPG etc)
  • Can be exported into TXT file
  • Can be used with other professional systems